12 Headshot Photography Tips 2021

Now a days, Headshot photography is highly demanded as compared to other photography. Its not a matter what profession you are in you always going to need a headshot photo of your self.

Almost every business wants to put the face of their hardworking employees on their website. In order to do that they need a headshot photo of their employees. Most Individual people need the headshot photo of themselves to put it on their website, portfolio, and social media platform.

What is Headshot Photography?

In headshot photography, the photographer basically focuses the person face into the photo. Almost 70 % of the photo is filled with a person’s face. These kinds of photos are used in businesses to recognize their employees. But as our personal life start connecting with our business because of social media. More and more people start using different professional-styles headshot photos on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Difference Between Headshot and Portrait:

In headshot photo face is mainly focused. The Headshot photos usually include the head and shoulders, with the complete focus on a person’s face. There are no props or backgrounds to distract the image from a person’s face.

On the other hand, Portrait photos have a variety of needs. Portrait photos can be full-body or waist-up shots and all portrait photos include props and setups.

1. Have a pre-session consultation:

Before you start the session make sure you know , how your client wants the images to be. Where he going to use the image. You can talk to your client on the phone or face to face. Its very important to talk to them before photo session. By talking to your clients you are helping them relax. This also allows you to help them prepare for the session.

Before the session begins, make sure to find out, what is your client’s profession. This will helps you find the perfect background for your client headshots. If your client is a lawyer then the white background is more suited for his/her headshot. If your client is a yoga instructor or a businessman then a blur color full background is well suited.

2. Help them to choose the right clothes:

As a good photographer, it is your duty to help your client choose the perfect clothes for there images. Generally in headshot photography, solid, neutral color clothes work greatly. You always want to avoid any other color that distracts away from people’s face. If you and your clients agree on the formal style of clothes. Make sure you remind them to bring their formal clothes with them for the session. Most of the men forget to bring their jackets to the session. If this kind of scenario occurs make sure to have spare clothes in your studio. Also, remind your clients to iron their clothes before coming for a session.

3. Create a separation from the background:

Before capturing a headshot image of your client, make sure that your client does not stand too close to the background. Because if you are using a studio wall as a background. Different color wall sheets for background and your client stand close to the background. Than you may see the shadow of your client on the wall or background sheet, which does not look professional. Even if you are shooting environmental headshots outdoor, I still recommend you to make sure that your client does not stand too close to the background. Make sure you set your camera aperture correctly. I Typically used an aperture of f/4, if I am going to shot outside with natural light. And I used an aperture of f/8 if I am going to shot in studio with studio lights.

4. Simple Poses Works Great:

The simple pose works great with headshot photography. Because you want your client to look natural in their headshot photo. And you do not have to make your client do some great pose like in portrait or fashion photography. Because it takes away the purpose of the headshot image.

5. Silly Faces:

Asking your client to make a silly face for the first frame of there headshot image. It is a great way of helping them to relax in front of the camera. Especially if you do not have spent much time with them. This trick is also very helpful to test the studio lighting if you have a new client.

6. Camera Lens and Body:

I recommend you to use a DSLR or Mirrorless cameras for headshot photography. Because they give you the best result and customization for your images. Full-frame cameras are recommended for professionals and high-end professional photographers.

You can use any good portrait lens for headshot images. But I recommend you to use the popular lens because sometimes your client asks you about your equipment. Most of the photographers use 50mm or 85mm prime lenses for headshot photography. You can also go for a short telephoto range lenses like the 70-200mm for headshot photography.

7. Lighting:

Lighting plays a vital role in headshot photos. For headshot photography, You can make use of either the natural light. If you are shooting outside or artificial light if you are shooting in your studio or office. You need to ensure that the soft light falls on the client’s face without casting any ugly shadows on the background.

I recommend you using the artificial lights like a flash or a continuous light with appropriate diffusers in your studio or office. Because it will help you to capture the great headshot images in the lowest possible ISO settings without any blur.

8. Sit people down:

If you are shooting a headshot image of your client then consider telling your client to sit. Because they are more comfortable while sitting. And do not forget to ask them to place their hands on the top of their thighs. Because it gives them something to do with their hands while they are posing for a headshot photo. It also ensures that your client does not move around too much.

9. Keep talking and be positive:

When you’re taking headshot photographs, make sure that you keep talking to your client and telling them that they’re doing it right. Even if you’re not satisfied with the images. Because if you do this, your client always stays relax while they are in session. Even when the client makes a mistake and they move his or her head away from lightning. You should never express this to your client. Silence will kill the atmosphere, so always stay positive with your client and keep talking to them.

10. Outdoor Vs Indoor:

You can either do shooting in the outdoor or indoor for a headshot image. If you are shooting formal-style headshot images. Then I recommend you doing it indoor with a set background. Plain background colors like white, grey, and black work betterly. And if you are shooting casual-style headshot images. Then I recommend you doing it outdoor with the natural lighting.

11. Create a Portfolio of Images:

If you are aiming to become the professional headshot photographer. Then I recommend you to create an online portfolio with some of your best headshots on it. If you have your portfolio for headshot images it will going to draw more new customers in your studio. You can also register yourself on sites like the headshot photographer comparison site, Headshot Hunter. It gives you more clients by making an account and publishing your best headshot images.

12. Pricing:

If you are confused, what price you should set for your headshot photography. You can research the prices of your headshot photography by asking other fellow photographers in your area. You can set the price value of your headshot photography by average of all the values you get from your fellow photographer.

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After reading the article, now you know some of the best tips to improve your headshot photography. Just start capturing beautiful headshot images right away.

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