Top 10 Best Flash for sony a7iii -Reviewed [April 2021]

Are you one of them, who prefers to be proficient in photography to greet the desires of clients? If you are new in the world of fantasies then, I am notifying you it’s impossible to achieve your goals, without a promising camera having conforming features. Before purchasing a camera for yourself, you should probably know some stunning features of the Sony A7III camera. So, you can confidently make up your mind to buy one extraordinary camera and prosper yourself with flash as well.

The a7III from Sony defined a back-illuminated full-frame CMOS sensor. The new version of the 24.2-megapixels is combined with the latest BIONZ X™ image processing engine, a data processing skill that is 1.8 times higher for a satisfactory experience. But remember without flash the outcome will not be adequate.

Best Overall

Power source: 7.2V/2600mAh
Recycle Time: < 1.5 sec
Full Power Flashes: 480
Dimensions: 76*93*197mm
LED Color Temp: 3300K+- 200K

For your ease, we are furnishing the list of best flash for Sony A7III. You can exclusively trust it because this list is made after our long-term experience and surveys of numerous people. The Source of the research is added to the product name. Go ahead buy one flash for yourself!!

List of Top 10 Best Flash For Sony A7III

Best Overall Godox V1-S Flash BRAND: GODOX
Power(1/1 output): 76Ws
Flash coverage: 28 to 105mm
Manual zoom
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Editor's Choice GODOX V1-S Flash Round Head BRAND: GODOX
2.4G Wireless X System
7.2v/2600mAh lithium batteries
Max. 1.5s recycle time
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TTL capabilities
2.4GHz wireless transceiver
High-speed sync 1/8000
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Speedlight Flash GODOX V860II-S BRAND: GODOX
Master & slave flash
Power Source: 11.1V/2000mAh
Wireless Radio System
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Wireless Remote Control SONY External Flash Black BRAND: SONY
Metal shoe foot
Dust & moisture resistant Design
Effective overheating prevention
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Automatic Flash NEEWER NW635 BRAND: NEEWER
Recycle time: Approx. 3.5s
High Guide No.58 (ISO 100, 180mm)
Flash Times: 3000-4000 times
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Flash Coverage: 20 to 200mm
Flash duration:1/300s to 1/20000s
Wireless flash: Optic/2.4G
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Max.: 1.5s recycle time
650 full power pops
2000mAh lithium batteries
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Compact Yet Powerful Flash Sony HVL-F45RM BRAND: SONY
Guide number: 45
Continuous Lighting Time: 4 hr
Recycling time of Approx.: 2.5 sec
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Guide No.: 36 (m ISO 100)
Flash Coverage: 24 to105mm
Flash Duration: 1/350 to 1/20000 Sec
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1. Godox V1-S Flash – Best Overall

  • Power source: 7.2V/2600mAh
  • Recycle Time: < 1.5 sec
  • Full Power Flashes: 480
  • Dimensions: 76*93*197mm
  • LED Color Temp: 3300K+- 200K
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Want studio-level soft and even light effects? Wireless control, Magnetic mount, Incredible flash coverage(28 to 105mm), Longer battery life, and snappy recycle time? Godox V1-S will assure you much more. I like it because of its incredible high-speed sync (up to 1/8000 of a sec). Plus Why do we choose it as our best overall best. I’ll explain to you!

All skilled photographers out there desire for the flash that can struggle during all-day shootings. I think the Battery(2600mAh Li-ion) can shoot 480 full-power flashes per charge and possess a full power to recycle time of fewer than 1.5 seconds, what do you want more than this? Surely, It will not leave you in the lurch and will cover all of your events including weddings, traveling photography, portraits, and still life photography, etc.


When I use it for small objects or spots, it works great by distributing even light from the center to the edge. It has a Built-in modeling lamp that is adjustable from 01 to 10 steps. However, you should consider that the array light effect is better than this effect. But due to one con you, can’t leave this Incredible creation.

I found it user-friendly too because it has a firmware upgrade LCD control panel. It will securely lock with your camera because of its Hot-Shoe. Moreover, it has a zooming head (28-105mm) that features both automatic and manual control with 330 degrees of rotation and 120+ degrees of tilt. Featuring Built-in Godox 2.4G wireless X system for superb compatibility and magnetic mount ring that supports a range of round light modifiers, making it overall best in our list.


    • 76 glorious w/s of power
    • 120-degree rotation
    • Modeling Light
    • Lithium-Ion Batteries


    • Material
    • Modifiers
    • Price

Does it work with Sonya6500?

Yes, as you know this flash is made for sony cameras. It will surely be compatible with it and will provide you promising results.

2. GODOX V1-S Flash Round Head – Editor's Choice

  • 480 full power pops
  • Quick-lock hot-shoe
  • Stable Color Temperature Mode
  • Wide-angle adjustment
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All we want is speed and the best features at a fraction of the price. I found Godox V1 Speedlight because it has significantly proved the speed of adjustments(V1 recycles to full power in just 1.5 seconds plus Sync up to 1/8000 sec). I have also used V1 as a master when additional lights are off-camera. I believe every camera flash should have modifiers that can offer you light control in every challenging condition. To put some icing on the cake, magnetic modifiers in very portable packaging will guarantee various light controls.


In bounce flash, Godox efficiently enhances my shooting experience with its wide-angle adjustments(0° to 33°) horizontally and (-7 to 120°) vertically. Its quick hot and lock shoe fixes it in place(reverse tilt). Sometimes as a proficient photographer I have to use it for all-day shoots and its removable 2600mAh lithium-ion battery gives up to 480 full-power flashes on a charge, so you don’t miss any of the moment. I like it, that’s why I selected it for the editor’s choice.


    • Built-in modeling lamp adjustable(0 to 10 steps)
    • High battery performance
    • Wireless control
    • user-friendly(magnetic accessory)
    • Quick hot lock-shoe
    • Wide-angle adjustment


    • The charger inside the box is not so good yet expensive.
    • It Maybe Lil a bit heavier on the camera
    • Godox TTL overheat shutoff

What are the additional products in the box with flash?

It includes several products to enhance your experience:

  • Li-ion battery
  • Charger
  • Mini stand
  • Protection case
  • INSSTRO cloth

3. AlTURA Photo AP-305S – Best Budget

  • Modes: TTL-Manual-Multi
  • GN 36 at ISO 100
  • Auto & manual zoom (24 to 105mm)
  • Front and rear curtain sync
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One of the promising ways to achieve remarkable photos is to promote your lighting game. This Altura photo enables me to accomplish my client’s desires with exceptional results. Plus it’s reasonable too. Some of its wonderful characteristics are discussed below that can surely convince you to buy this amazing product and make your experience better at this rate. First, it has advanced wireless functions(2.4GHz) also for TTL auto-flash shooting. It has three modes you can use that include a manual mode, TTL, and transmission distance is extended up to 98.4ft for multi-angle and multi-directional photography plus can simply work as Master/Slave.


I didn’t feel any extra burden on my camera with this flash because it is kinda compact and made up for professionals. Allows wide-angle adjustments(0° to 33°) horizontally and (-7 to 120°) vertically. If I talk about its compatibility, it is compatible with almost all sony models include A7, A7II, A7III, A77II, A7R, A7RII, A7RIII, A7S, A7SII, A9, A58, A99, A6500, A6400, A6300, A6000, and RX10I-IV.


    • Advanced wireless functions
    • Compact and light-weight
    • Flexible modes
    • Wide range flash coverage
    • Affordable flash


    • Slightly long recycle times
    • Recycle times are slightly slow around max output
    • Some users find flash trigger is not compatible with Sony a7ii
    • Some complaint that Manual guide is missing 

4. Godox V860II-S – Speedlight Flash

  • Recycle time: <1.5 sec
  • Full power flashes: Approx.650
  • Large LCD screen
  • USB interface
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Godox V860II-S Flash Speedlite will assist all TTL functions. I have a promising experience with it because it has all the essential plus advanced functions you are searching for. You can use it without any inconvenience because of its wireless X system that has a built-in 2.4G wireless transmission that offers all-in-one functions and the distance is 100 meters, due to which it can be utilized as an optical wireless master or slave flash

The Godox V860II-S Flash never let me down due to its decent Li-ion polymer battery(11.1V/2000mAh) compact and four times the energy density of nickel-cadmium batteries. The incredible thing is that it will Power off automatically after approx for power saving.90 seconds of idle operation i.e (60 minutes at slave mode) and having Recycle time of about <1.5 seconds


Godox also assures a Large LCD screen that shows operations precisely and definitely plus having multi-functional buttons that surely offer distinct and easy operations. To install future firmware updates USB connection is facilitated in this flash. Hotshoe, Sync Triggering Mode, having a 2.5mm sync line, wireless control port. In short, it is a good choice for all-day shootings.


    • High-speed sync
    • 2000mAh Li-ion Battery
    • Wireless X system
    • Build-in 2.4G wireless transmission
    • Max. 1.5s recycle time
    • 650 full power pops


    • X1 transceiver could be easier to use
    • Radio signal not so reliable when the flash is close to the X1
    • Needs more than +/-3EV range of compensation

Is it pleasing with Sony A77ii?

Yes, it is fully compatible with Sony A77ii.

5. Sony External Flash – Wireless Remote Control

  • Direct output adjustment
  • High-speed sync
  • Multi-flash
  • Reliable in bright light too
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Like me, if you don’t want to put tons of extra burden on your gear bag. I can totally understand you and recommend this  HVL-F20M External Flash from Sony that will change your photography game by offering a modest guide number of 66′ at ISO 100 and 50mm plus coverage settings for 27mm or 50mm with full-frame sensors. Plus, it can tilt upward about  75° to achieve diffuse bounce lighting.


It assures output with the ambient lighting and adjusts the white balance for a more natural and softer look. For distant triggering of different off-camera flash units, I also found this flash eligible to work as a TTL controller, has slow first and second curtain sync settings that will recycle in 0.1 to 5 sec. Besides, it operates on 2 AAA batteries and accomplishes with a terminal protector cap and a carrying case. This flash gives me promising results with Sony’s Multi Interface Shoe. Advanced Distance Integration (ADI) flash metering. I can turn ON/OFF this flash by simply raising it or lowering it down.


    • Flash-ready indicator light
    • Battery life of approx. 90-150 flashes
    • Dust- and moisture-resistant design
    • Effective overheating prevention
    • Wireless control of up to 15 units in up to five groups


    • None

Is this flash compatible with the Sony Alpha 6000?

Yes, this flash is compatible with Sony Alpha 6000.

6. NEEWER NW635 – Automatic Flash

  • Color Temperature: 5600±200k
  • Weight: 14 ounces/400 grams
  • Flash Duration: 1/200 to 1/56000s
  • Metal hot shoe
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I have experimented with the Neewer NW635 and really appreciate its professional features. Most of the pictures are perfectly exposed with splendid and vibrant colors inside the studio. Plus it’s fully automatic and is more powerful, also having a PC sync for any kind of software updates, etc. Neewer NW635 never let me wait too long to take the next photo because its Recycle time is Approx. 3.5s and having numerous Flash modes including TTL, M, MULTI, S1/S2 mode.


I like the NW635 TTL flash because it devotes a notable guide number of 58′ at ISO 100 and 180m, adjustable tilt and swivel head, and wide-angle (Vertical Rotation Angle: 7-90° & Horizontal Rotation Angle: 0-270°) that bounces the light off a nearby neutral-colored white or surface emerging in softer and more directional shadows. Plus it’s Flash Duration & Flash times (1/200 to 1/56000s & 3000-4000 times) will elevate your photography to the next level. For your long-day shootings, it has 4 AA size batteries & automatically ensures overheating protection by temperature detection feature.


    • Supports Manual and TTL
    • overheating protection
    • Automatic sleep mode
    • Adjustable Tilt & Swivel Head
    • Electrical socket outlet
    • PC synchronous interface
    • Power saving mode


    • Some complain that flash got stuck in hot shoe mount(Sony A7iii)
    • Lil’ bit heavier

Does this flash have HSS?

No, this model of Neewer doesn’t have HSS(High-speed sync).

7. NEEWER 2.4G – Wireless-HSS Flash

  • Recycle time: Approx.0.1-2.6 sec
  • Full Power Flashes: Approx.230 times
  • Power Supply: 4*AA batteries
  • Mode: M/TTL /OFF
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Neewer 2.4G HSS 1/8000s is appropriate for both advanced and basic shoots as its settings are easy to understand. I found its performance perfect as it works in HSS flawlessly, you can use it in manual or TTL mode, and can be controlled with a transmitter without any issue, making it user-friendly. Personally, it helped me during the late-day sun, resulting in vibrant and flawless images. I never have been faced with any problem regarding its functionality, as it uses rechargeable AA batteries, which don’t diminish easily. This amazing and powerful flash has a high guide No.60 (ISO 100)(high-speed sync of up to 1/8000th per sec). It supports different modes like Multi, M, FEC, Slave, Master, S1, S2, and TTL modes. Recordings become easier as it is compatible with TTL mode.



Neewer 2.4G HSS accommodates a 22 steps power output of 1/128-1/1  plus ensures recycle time of 2.3sec. Its zooming capability is about 18 -180 mm and provides 210 full-power flashes, whether you are using auto or manual mode. To furnish you with Stable output and even illumination experience assists built-in 2.4G wireless remote transmission system along with a further transmission of 30 meters also supports a front and rear curtain sync. While its advanced operation panel comes with a Dot-matrix LCD panel and an Autofocus Assist Beam for easy usage and clear operation. After an idle time of 90 seconds, automatically shutdowns because of its incredible power-saving mode. So, it helped me to save a lot of battery too.


    • Overheating protection.
    • Firmware Upgrade.
    • Excellent Battery life.
    • Adjustable flash head.
    • Easy instructions.


    • Huge time-lag between clicking the shutter and shutter release.
    • less intuitive control.
    • From standby mode, it doesn’t automatically turn ON.
    • It is so small that the light output tends to concentrate.
    • Low recharging speed.

Will this camera work with the Sony A6400?

Yes, for sure. This camera will work fine with all a6xxx.

8. Godox Ving V860II-S – 2.4G HSS

  • Flash Coverage: 20 to 200mm
  • Flash Duration: 1/300 to 1/20000 sec
  • Controllable slave groups: 3
  • Color temp.: 5600±200k
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V860II-C TTL independent flash is earned by Godox to deliver all passionate photographers refined lighting in every circumstance. I can effortlessly tilt the flash head (left & right) from -7 to 90° and rotate 180° to avail full bounce capabilities plus it is accessible with a micro-USB port (for installing firmware updates) that renders it more user-friendly. All subjects are suitably illuminated because of its powerful guide number of 197′ at ISO 100 and 200mm that guarantees adequate clarification. The good thing is that it arrives with The 11.1V, 2000mAh Li-ion polymer battery pack with the flash it furnishes me with recharge times of faster than 1.5 seconds and approximately 650 full-power flashes.


The Godox 2.4GHz X wireless radio system empowers my proficiency to choose between 32 channels (set up in three groups) and has a remarkable range of 328′. Now I can endure more advanced functions and setups as the system is compatible with Godox’s X series or transmitters. I often use it for wildlife photography because of its zoom range of 20-200mm(can bring subjects 4 times closer). And this flash also secures maximum compatibility with a range of lenses and shooting styles, as it has a wide-angle panel(14mm).

Optical wireless transmission is also functional in addition to access to four channels and two groups plus a range up to 49′. An AF assist light is present with a range of 2-32.8′. In addition to the hot shoe and wireless triggering, a 2.5mm sync port for a wired connection to a camera or receiver. This incredible flash also benefits various functions, including multi flash, high-speed sync, 1st, and 2nd curtain sync, flash exposure compensation, and much more.  


    • Micro-USB port
    • 5mm Sync port
    • Flash head with full bounce
    • 1/8000s High-Speed Sync
    • Multipurpose Buttons


    • The attached shoe is made of plastic
    • Some users experience flash got locked.

Does the flash haven’t any ratchets (clicks) halfway between vertical and tilting down all the way?

Yes, it has ratchets. You can adjust it according to your need from vertical to horizontal.

9. Sony HVL-F45RM – Compact Yet Powerful Flash

  • High-speed-sync
  • Quick Navi
  • Dot-Matrix LCD
  • Moisture Resistant Design
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Everyone urges you to buy a flash that will work significantly both in-studio and outdoor photography. So, this is the flash that will act as an all-rounder with its incredible features. This Sony flash strobe automatically adjusts white balance(I don’t need excessive edits).and HSS, enabling higher apertures while maintaining proper clarification and illumination. I can easily use it as It is both a transmitter and receiver at up to 98 feet(approx.30 meters). Sometimes if I need high creative lighting setups, the F45RM can work in sync mode with no less than 15 units in up to 5 groups.


The compact wireless flash compresses a powerful guide number 45*1 and the minimum recycle time is 2.5 sec, reserves durable strength for approx. 210 bursts. It incredibly speeds up my lighting setup and operation with its Quick Navi and key customization function. It proves kinda user-friendly for me because of its Rotatable bounce head (up to 360° horizontally 180 in both left & right directions & can tilt 150° up & down). I can handily use it for outdoor shootings due to its dust and moisture-resistant design, which makes it pleasing for all proficient shoots.


    • Dust & Moisture Resistant
    • 360° Rotatable Head
    • Extraordinary Navigation
    • Portable, Powerful & Customizable


    • Lil’ bit expensive
    • Absence of IR focus

Does this flash work with Sony a7?

Yes, this will work but in addition, you have to buy an ADP-AMA Shoe  adapter for functioning.

10. EACHSHOT Godox TT350S – TTL AutoFlash

  • Slave Groups: 3(A, B, and C)
  • Transmission Range: ≤30m
  • Recycle time:0.1-2.2 sec
  • High-Speed Sync
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EACHSHOT Godox TT350 enhances my experience with its advanced exposure control system and functions i.e TTL Autoflash and Manual Flash, supports HSS (max. 1 / 8000s), FEC, front & rear curtain sync, multi-flash, manual flash. The best thing is, it is portable due to its dual AA batteries, which never let me down in any situation. Sometimes, when having to do all-day shootings, your flash may get overheated but this(Eachshot GodoxTT350S) has amazing overheat protection and 22 stages of power output.


I can undergo particular focus techniques because it allows great shallow depth of field due to its high-Speed Sync feature(up to 1/8000 sec). It also offers two sending styles that ensure creative light effect i.e Optical transmission with even exposition for brightening the image and stable output besides 2.4G wireless transmission including all-in-one elements and further transmission of 100m


    • Good Performance at a fraction of the cost 
    • Front/Rear Curtain Sync
    • 200g Without Batteries
    • Recycle Time:0.1-2.2 Sec


    • Some Users Report Misfiring
    • Sleep Function can be an irritating
    • Might Not Outlive a Sony Product

How can I get it to flash when I want it to?

You can use a remote trigger when you want to shoot OFF the camera and for ON camera,  place the flash unit on the camera’s hot shoe or you can simply press the mode button to TTL and put it in the camera, the camera will do the rest.


Is Canon flash compatible with Sony A7iii?

Surprisingly yes, Canon flash attaches directly to the Sony A7/A7R’s Hotshoe without creating any issues. You can select the custom functions of your flash, or you can use the manual mode either.

Which is the best flash for Sony A7iii?

Godox V1-S Flash is the best flash for Sony A7iii because of its incredible features including:

  • Power(1/1 output): 76Ws
  • Flash coverage: 28 to 105mm
  • Recycle Time: < 1.5 seconds
  • Full Power Flashes: Approx. 480

How can I set up my Sony camera for connecting a Flash?

To set up your sony camera follow the given steps:

  1. Switch Off silent shooting, electronic front curtain shutter, wireless, Anti-Flicker Mode.
  2. After turning off the above elements, separate exposure compensation for flash and ambient.
  3. Then, assign Shot Result Preview to a Button (If You Shoot Flash Regularly)
  4. Finally, you can set ISO Manually and Understand how Your Flash Power works.

Is the Sony A7iii necessarily need a flash?

If you want to escape the horrible experience of pop-up flashes, then, of course, you need to buy a flash for your Sony A7iii. Because the Sony A7iii does not have a built-in flash.

How can I enable my Sony A7III touch screen?

To enable your touch screen, follow the given steps:

  1. Go to MENU  (Setup).
  2. Select touch operation.
  3. Select touch panel/pad or touch panel only.

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